Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I've been so depressed because it's been so rainy and dark in Seattle lately. Ever since I got back from California I haven't been able to play outside much and every time I do, Mom and Dad wipe my paws with a towel before they let me run around inside. Yuck! But it looks like the forecast has changed and we have sun for days! Woof woof! I'm so glad that I get to go back to Westcrest to run around off leash. It's been so long since I've been there that I don't recognize a lot of the dogs, but some of the new guys are really fun to play with. Unfortunately since they rebuilt the reservoir there's a lot of water draining into the dog park. It's kinda cool because it makes this awesome mud that I like to eat, but Mom gets so mad at me when she catches me. I already had Giardia one time and it wasn't so bad, but she says that it can make me really sick for weeks. Since the last time I wrote was around Halloween, I thought you dawgs might be curious as to what I wore. I was so embarrassed but everyone thought I looked great so I felt more confident after a ton of compliments! I went to see Dad play with Lord Loves a Working Man at the Arena Theater in Point Arena, CA. I had the best time! Everyone was dressed so crazy and the bartender lady was super nice and gave me a lot of drinks for free. Mom and Dad had to pay for theirs, but they weren't dressed as cool as I was.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Cliff Jumping: A Tale of Terror

It started out as the perfect fall day. Indian summer was performing one last display of warmth and clear blue skies in Northern California. Halloween was just a day away, and the promise of mystery and fright filled us with excitement. We were driving up Highway 1 along the cliffs of Big Sur, the wind whipping through our hair and the sounds of Wahanahu evoking recent memories of Lahaina (that's what I heard mom say, anyway).

We ran along the cliffs just north of the Bixby Bridge, happy to find a place along the beach where I was allowed to hike to the ocean with Mom and Dad. The hike down to the water was a thin sandy trail bordered by vibrant green and red ice plant, showcasing the warm colors of fall. When we got down to the sandy shore, the waves were alive with motion and sound. The three of us forgot all of our worries and cares running along the soft sand and watching the waves crash against craggy rocks.

We decided to walk back up the steep path to the car once the tide began creeping in. Mom and Dad stopped to watch some weird things called "surfers", who used boards to race along the breaking waves. I knew that these guys were bad news, and took a long detour around them to be safe. All was good after that, while we retraced our steps up the cliff and along the edge to get one last view of the ocean before heading back to Monterey...

But suddenly out of nowhere, a surfer carrying a big board came walking toward us. He was a menacing figure- a dark presence scarier than your worst nightmare. I bolted so fast and with such fearful strength that I ripped the leash right out of Dad's hand and raced towards the ocean. Mom and Dad kept shouting for me to return and to stop running. "No Watson! No no no!" I turned around a couple of times to look back, but the surfer kept on his path in my direction. I backed up further and further until I fell off of this:

With my life flashing before my eyes, I tumbled straight down about 50 feet of ice plant and rocks before miraculously landing safely on the sand. Mom was way up above me, shouting for me to stay still. I stood as still as I could until Dad came running for me and hugged me for a very long time.
It was a very scary and confusing experience. I was nervous every time we passed someone on that walk back to the car, and Mom and Dad made me go the doctor to get checked out. Luckily, Doc said that I seem fine, except for some scratches. Mom kept yapping about "internal bleeding", but the doctor told her that as long as my gums look nice and pink, I'm probably cool.
This tale of terror has a happy ending though. After the doctor visit, we went next to the store and I got a ton of treats, a huge pumpkin cookie, a pig ear, and a giant octopus.


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Did someone say ROAD TRIP?

I just had the best week staying with my girlfriend Frannie and Uncle Dave while Mom and Dad were in Maui with Frannie's parents Carlos and Allie. They stayed in a house with a bunch of friends to celebrate Los and Allie's wedding. I love Carlos and Allie so much, and I'm very very very happy that they got married! They found me when I was just a pup and I lived with them until I met Mom and Dad. I love going back to their house to hang out, and I love that they bring Frannie over a lot to play.

I noticed that Mom and Dad barely unpacked their suitcases, and even started packing some more. I asked what was going on and it turns out we're going on a big road trip tomorrow! We're going to drive all the way down to San Francisco and even past there to Monterey so I can meet my west-coast grandparents! They live with a corgi named Luna, and I'm really excited to meet her. There are so many corgis in my neighborhood, but I never get to play with them and they look like fun! I'll try my best to gather up some new travel tips for you dawgs. The weather is starting to get rainy, so it's going to be a whole new experience trying to find places that we're allowed to go!

Saturday, October 10, 2009


Yesterday when I was walking with Mom and Franny, I found a rat who was hurt. He was hiding under some ivy on the edge of the sidewalk. I didn't know what it was, so I kept sniffing and sniffing. Mom came over to take a look. When she moved the ivy off of him, we saw how scared he looked. We walked back home and Mom went back alone to check on the rat. She took a cardboard box, some rags to line it with, and her gardening gloves in case the rat tried to bite her. She said that when she found the rat, there were flies all over him, and he looked very scared. She brought him home and he relaxed on the rags in the box outside on the back deck. Franny and I tried our best to be quiet and didn't bother him at all. He wasn't bleeding, but he wasn't moving his back legs. Mom called my vet, animal control, and all sorts of other people. Some people offered to do "humane euthanization" but we really didn't like the sound of that! Mom has found a few injured animals who seemed to rebound after a little TLC. We were really hoping that this little rat would be okay too! Finally someone recommended that Mom call the Sarvey Wildlife Center in Arlington, WA. They were more than happy to take care of our rat friend. They're over an hour outside of Seattle but have a lot of drop-off locations at vets closer to Seattle. Mom only had to drive about 7 miles to bring him to safety. We were so happy to find a place that was willing to give love and care to a critter that some people consider a pest. Hey- Mom calls me a pest all the time, and I know I'm pretty lovable!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Go Dawgs!

When I was watching football with Dad today (Go Hawks!) I remembered this great dog park I found in Eugene, Oregon. Alton Baker Park is right on the Willamette River next to the University of Oregon. The dog park has a view of the football stadium where the Ducks play. Now you know I'm not fond of the Ducks since Dad went to the University of Washington (Go Dawgs!), but I have to admit that the proximity to Autzen Stadium was pretty cool.
When we first got to the park, we read all of the rules that were posted. Boring! I couldn't wait to get inside the fence to play with pups after staying in a hotel all night. Sometimes I feel shy when I visit a new park, but it wasn't too crowded so I was able to make friends without feeling overwhelmed. I also spent a lot of time sniffing around of course! The park isn't enormous, but is large enough and has different areas that make it interesting. Part of the park is very grassy and has nice shady trees, and part of it is more open and great for chasing balls. In the middle of the dog park, there's a water fountain that has water at human height and at dog height. We all had a lot of fun there, and it was a great place for me to get some wiggles out before we started driving back towards home.

Sunday, August 30, 2009


I noticed that Mom's oil painting brushes are looking pretty shabby, so I suggested we go down to the California Junction in West Seattle to stock up on art supplies. There's a great shop we like to go to called Northwest Art and Frame. The first time I went there with her, Mom tied me up outside. Well, there's nothing I hate more than being tied down so you know I was barking and screaming like a banshee. I caused such a ruckus that the ladies who work at the store convinced Mom to bring me inside, since they're a dog-friendly store anyway! People are so nice to me in there, and they always help Mom find what she's looking for. She usually goes there for art supplies, but sometimes she buys frames and looks for special cards and presents in their big gift section. When she pays the cashier I almost always get a treat because the ladies are so impressed with how well I sit.

Right next door to Northwest Art and Frame is Bakery Nouveau where Mom and Dad buy delicious things that they won't share with me. I'm not allowed inside, but there are tables outside so I don't mind hanging around eating crumbs. They like to get turkey and swiss croissants, twice baked almond croissants, and coffee. I try very hard to be patient while they eat their food, which isn't easy for me!
Whenever we're at the California Junction I like to do my own shopping at a great pet store called Next to Nature. Mom always tells me to be patient be
cause she's taking me there anyway, but I still pull her with all of my might in case she forgets the way! I think Dad can understand me on this one, because he walks just as fast to Easy Street Records a few doors down to buy new and used cds, while Mom comes with me to the pet store. I usually buy bulk treats at Next to Nature, and sometimes a hoof or bully stick. The people who work there are very nice. Back when I was a puppy they helped me choose a soothing cream to help with some hot spots I had on my chest. Mom likes to look at the adoptable cats and kittens at the back of the store, but I'd rather stay up front to search for ground-scores.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Westcrest Work Party

This past Saturday I took my mom and dad to a work party at Westcrest dog park in Highland Park. I go there almost every day (and sometimes twice a day!) to run around off leash and play with my friends. This park is maintained by volunteers, and looked after with love and care by park stewards Buddy, Barkley, and their main man Steve. The work party was so much fun! I ran into my best girlfriend Ayla as soon as we got there, so I wrestled with her for a while while mom and dad got to work. I helped later by chewing the mulch into smaller pieces and by carrying one of mom's gloves.

Here's more about Westcrest in case you haven't been there yet:
The fenced park is more than 4 acres big! It has so many different areas, so I never get bored there.
There's a big hill with trees at the top. I mostly sniff around the trees in that section, but I know that a lot of dogs like to have their balls thrown up the hill when they play fetch.
At the top of this hill is the separate fenced section for small and shy dogs. A lot of the time no one is in that area, so I don't go in too often.
At the bottom of the hill is a sandy spot with some really cool concrete tubes to run through.
The park also has two big areas with woodchips that are awesome for running around in. Because the volunteers work hard to keep the woodchips around, the park is almost never muddy! I guess some of you guys like mud, but I don't care for it too much.
There is a cool covered area with picnic tables, so if it's too hot or drizzly, mom and dad hang out in there.
Westcrest has a trail within the fenced area so I get to walk around with mom and dad feeling like I'm in the middle of the forest, but they don't have to worry about me running off too far. This is where they like to practice having me come to them when they call my name. I don't see the point, but it makes them happy when I come running!
The park has 2 water fountains, lots of benches, garbage cans for my poop, and plastic bags available.
Outside of the fenced area there are cool walking trails, bathrooms for people, and a nice looking playground for kids.
If we drive there, mom and dad make sure not to leave anything valuable in the car. Mom said I should mention this since both parking lots have signs that say "high prowl area", but I've heard that there has only been one break-in this year.
Mom and Dad love the beautiful view of Seattle that can be seen from one of the higher trails in the dog park, but I'm too busy running to notice!

There are usually lots of tennis balls around in case you forget to bring one!

Make sure to say woof if you see me there!