Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I've been so depressed because it's been so rainy and dark in Seattle lately. Ever since I got back from California I haven't been able to play outside much and every time I do, Mom and Dad wipe my paws with a towel before they let me run around inside. Yuck! But it looks like the forecast has changed and we have sun for days! Woof woof! I'm so glad that I get to go back to Westcrest to run around off leash. It's been so long since I've been there that I don't recognize a lot of the dogs, but some of the new guys are really fun to play with. Unfortunately since they rebuilt the reservoir there's a lot of water draining into the dog park. It's kinda cool because it makes this awesome mud that I like to eat, but Mom gets so mad at me when she catches me. I already had Giardia one time and it wasn't so bad, but she says that it can make me really sick for weeks. Since the last time I wrote was around Halloween, I thought you dawgs might be curious as to what I wore. I was so embarrassed but everyone thought I looked great so I felt more confident after a ton of compliments! I went to see Dad play with Lord Loves a Working Man at the Arena Theater in Point Arena, CA. I had the best time! Everyone was dressed so crazy and the bartender lady was super nice and gave me a lot of drinks for free. Mom and Dad had to pay for theirs, but they weren't dressed as cool as I was.