Sunday, August 30, 2009


I noticed that Mom's oil painting brushes are looking pretty shabby, so I suggested we go down to the California Junction in West Seattle to stock up on art supplies. There's a great shop we like to go to called Northwest Art and Frame. The first time I went there with her, Mom tied me up outside. Well, there's nothing I hate more than being tied down so you know I was barking and screaming like a banshee. I caused such a ruckus that the ladies who work at the store convinced Mom to bring me inside, since they're a dog-friendly store anyway! People are so nice to me in there, and they always help Mom find what she's looking for. She usually goes there for art supplies, but sometimes she buys frames and looks for special cards and presents in their big gift section. When she pays the cashier I almost always get a treat because the ladies are so impressed with how well I sit.

Right next door to Northwest Art and Frame is Bakery Nouveau where Mom and Dad buy delicious things that they won't share with me. I'm not allowed inside, but there are tables outside so I don't mind hanging around eating crumbs. They like to get turkey and swiss croissants, twice baked almond croissants, and coffee. I try very hard to be patient while they eat their food, which isn't easy for me!
Whenever we're at the California Junction I like to do my own shopping at a great pet store called Next to Nature. Mom always tells me to be patient be
cause she's taking me there anyway, but I still pull her with all of my might in case she forgets the way! I think Dad can understand me on this one, because he walks just as fast to Easy Street Records a few doors down to buy new and used cds, while Mom comes with me to the pet store. I usually buy bulk treats at Next to Nature, and sometimes a hoof or bully stick. The people who work there are very nice. Back when I was a puppy they helped me choose a soothing cream to help with some hot spots I had on my chest. Mom likes to look at the adoptable cats and kittens at the back of the store, but I'd rather stay up front to search for ground-scores.

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