Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Did someone say ROAD TRIP?

I just had the best week staying with my girlfriend Frannie and Uncle Dave while Mom and Dad were in Maui with Frannie's parents Carlos and Allie. They stayed in a house with a bunch of friends to celebrate Los and Allie's wedding. I love Carlos and Allie so much, and I'm very very very happy that they got married! They found me when I was just a pup and I lived with them until I met Mom and Dad. I love going back to their house to hang out, and I love that they bring Frannie over a lot to play.

I noticed that Mom and Dad barely unpacked their suitcases, and even started packing some more. I asked what was going on and it turns out we're going on a big road trip tomorrow! We're going to drive all the way down to San Francisco and even past there to Monterey so I can meet my west-coast grandparents! They live with a corgi named Luna, and I'm really excited to meet her. There are so many corgis in my neighborhood, but I never get to play with them and they look like fun! I'll try my best to gather up some new travel tips for you dawgs. The weather is starting to get rainy, so it's going to be a whole new experience trying to find places that we're allowed to go!

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