Sunday, September 27, 2009

Go Dawgs!

When I was watching football with Dad today (Go Hawks!) I remembered this great dog park I found in Eugene, Oregon. Alton Baker Park is right on the Willamette River next to the University of Oregon. The dog park has a view of the football stadium where the Ducks play. Now you know I'm not fond of the Ducks since Dad went to the University of Washington (Go Dawgs!), but I have to admit that the proximity to Autzen Stadium was pretty cool.
When we first got to the park, we read all of the rules that were posted. Boring! I couldn't wait to get inside the fence to play with pups after staying in a hotel all night. Sometimes I feel shy when I visit a new park, but it wasn't too crowded so I was able to make friends without feeling overwhelmed. I also spent a lot of time sniffing around of course! The park isn't enormous, but is large enough and has different areas that make it interesting. Part of the park is very grassy and has nice shady trees, and part of it is more open and great for chasing balls. In the middle of the dog park, there's a water fountain that has water at human height and at dog height. We all had a lot of fun there, and it was a great place for me to get some wiggles out before we started driving back towards home.